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Tsinghua-Columbia Dual Master’s Degree Program in Business Analytics

Student Voice

It is my honor to be one of the first intake of students for the TCMiBA program. This means that I have the opportunity to study at the two top-notch universities in China and the United States, and learn through the different education systems of the two countries. In an era of exploding information, the demand for talents in data analytics is rapidly growing. Business analysis relies on scientific methods and tools to solve problems in practice and create economic value for society. From this point of view, business analytics has a very promising future. One of the biggest advantages of this program is its distinguished faculty at both universities, as well as being located adjacent to Wall Street (in New York City) and Zhongguancun (in Beijing). Compared with the students in other typical master programs, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to study in two different countries during the time period of the same length. This allows us to develop a global mindset, and gain a foothold in the globalized world. In addition, this program offers flexible and customized schedules to accommodate students with different learning capabilities and graduation plans.

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