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Dean's Message

Master's Programs of Tsinghua SEM strive for excellence in service to society through graduate education in specific fields in economics and management. Our programs seek to develop future leaders who will address challenges facing China and the world.

The School of Economics and Management's mission is to advance knowledge and cultivate leaders for China and the world. Our belief in excellence is founded on our dedication to integrity, professionalism, and mutual respect. This is reflected in all of our Master's programs – including the Master of Finance, Master in Management, Tsinghua-Columbia Dual Master's Degree Program in Business Analytics, and the Master of Professional Accounting – which seek to develop global vision and competency.

I welcome you to join us and learn about the world today, which will prepare you to make a difference for the world tomorrow.

 Dean of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management

Characteristics of Professional Master's Programs

Concept of cultivation: Striving for excellence in service to society

Goal of cultivation: Developing exceptional professionals with comprehensive and applied knowledge, a global perspective, and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing markets.

Tradition of Excellence

The SEM is committed to excellence in service to society. Our SEM Professional Masters' Program seeks to develop future leaders in the field of economics who will address challenges facing China and the world.

World Class Faculty

Our faculty are leaders in their field, including 'Thousand Talents Program' Professors of Global Experts, Changjiang Scholars, SEM Chair Professors, recipients of the China National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, industry leaders, and senior practitioners in the industry. The Program includes leading industry forums, academic events, and mixers to promote faculty-student interaction and educational excellence.

Exquisite Cultivation of Theory and Practice

The Program emphasizes an intensive knowledge base that encompasses both theory and practice. Industry-specific concentrations and the dual mentor plan offers a personalized approach to education. Our courses feature a synergistic approach to theory and practice that addresses leading economic challenges. The extensive classroom series on financial practice brings industry expertise to the classroom, while courses in professional development aid in career advancement.

Global vision

The Program seeks to develop global vision through exchange programs and dual degree programs with elite international institutions. This experience provides our students with quality education in a different culture, which helps develop global vision and prepares them for a future career in our multicultural world.