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The CEMS Student Board held its second meeting of the year 2022 at NOVA Business School of Business and Economics from 2nd to 4th September. Twenty-two representatives for each school within CEMS Global Alliance attended the meeting in-person, among which Constance Lee from Tsinghua Master in Management (Class of 2021) represented CEMS students of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management.

During the 3-day meeting, the Student Board focused on refining and working on global projects for the year 2022.

In collaboration with the CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) & the CEMS Global Office, the CEMS Mentoring Platform is launched with aims to connect CEMS students and alumni and to allow students to gain insider tips regarding potential employers, industries and career paths.

In order to connect CEMS network around the world, the Student Board have kickstarted the development of the CEMS APP, which targets all CEMS students and alumni. Global conferences and forums, regional events as well as career opportunities will be shown on the APP.

Sustainability has become a hot topic in recent years, the Student Board has discussed ways and will develop a set of guidelines to reduce carbon emission for future meetings and events.

CEMS Career Forum 2022 and the CEMS Graduation Ceremony 2022 were further discussed and prepared for to be held in Barcelona in November and Cairo in December respectively. The Student Board aligned the efforts and following steps for the hybrid CEMS Club Conference in October in Stockholm.

In the Global Office session, members from the CEMS Global Office talked about CEMS globalisation after recovering from COVID and future collaborations with the Student Board.

The Student Board also participated in various sessions of the Estoril Conference in which the President of Portugal and the President of the European Parliament gave their speeches.

Through the meeting in Lisbon, the Student Board worked closely with Global Office to address a series of topics related to CEMS community. The Student Board meetings are a crucial moment of time when all team members can be at the same location to discuss and work together.

The three-day meeting was a blast. It was my first time meeting CEMSies from other schools and I was very excited to work with other SBRs to bring the CEMS network closer together and create a better CEMS experience for all! I got to know more about CEMS alliance and the resources they provide; the topics we discussed raised also my awareness in issues happening in other parts of the world and helped me to think from a more global perspective. It has been an intense weekend full of meetings as well as fun socials. Can’t wait for the next meeting in Cairo, Egypt!

Constance Lee from MiM Class of 2021, CEMS Student Board Rep.

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