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Financial Times published its 2021 ranking of Master in Finance Pre-Experience on June 21, 2021. The Master of Finance (MoF) of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (SEM) ranked 12th worldwide and 1st in Asia.

SEM MoF remains strong advantage in “alumni career progress” indexes. “Salary today” (average alumnus salary three years after graduation) shows that the alumni of MoF earn the most among all the evaluated programs. The three indexes “value for money”, “international course experience” and “overall satisfaction” ranked 1st in Asia. The ranking reflects the high quality of MoF program and alumni’s career development and contributions in their fields.

The program began to enroll students in 2011 and aims at cultivating top-notch professionals in applied finance who are ready to deal with the ever-changing market with a global vision. In the past 10 years, the program has kept improving its teaching mode, promoting the integration of industry and education, strengthening the cooperation with international organizations and helping students foster the ability to solve the problems in real world. The best graduates in China and from more than 40 countries and regions in the world apply for the program. In 2021, 203 applicants in China hold the highest GPA in their majors and 233 have won national scholarships.

MoF includes 4 concentrations based on students' backgrounds and future career plans: Financial Global, Fintech, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Finance, and Investment and Insurance. It also offers dual-degrees with 4 top schools including University of California, Berkeley, Columbia University, HEC Paris and London Business School.

The faculty come from both universities and industry, forming a “double mentor” cultivating mechanism. All the 133 mentors are leading figures in the finance sectors. At the same time, the program offers course series “Financial Practice in China” by inviting financial elites and supervisors into classrooms to discuss with students.

Liu Yingxin, who graduated in 2018 and is working as a manager in the investment banking division in Goldman Sachs (Asia) Limited, said: “The two years I spent in MoF are precious. Our mentors impart knowledge and we can learn the trend in the industry. Moreover, I have met lots of good friends. They are diligent in thinking and have ambitions. Tsinghua SEM's influential alumni network plays as a great platform for us to exchange and inspire ideas. I have benefited a lot from it both in study and work.”

About FT Ranking of Master in Finance

Financial Times started to publish the world ranking of Master in Finance in 2011, which is well-known in academia and industry due to its thorough evaluation mechanism. The ranking surveys the alumni who graduated 3 years ago and school in 3 dimensions: alumni career progress, school diversity and international experience and research. A total of 17 indexes are designed to evaluate the comprehensive strength of the programs.

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