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Brief Introduction

The Master of Finance program is a full-time program.The study duration is two to three years. Students complete required credits, satisfying course grade requirements. In addition, students need to finish their compulsory internship and successfully defend their master degree thesis. Students will be granted graduate diploma and degree accredited by China’s Ministry of Education upon the approval of the Academic Degree Committee of Tsinghua University.


Master of Finance (MoF) program at the School of Economicsand Management (SEM) of Tsinghua University leads highereducation in China and aims to educate financial future leaders. The program endeavors to train financial professionals with rigorous knowledge in economics and finance and to provide global vision to better adapt to rapidly changing financial markets. Professionalism, strong work ethic, and innovative approach prepare the students for work in financial and insurance companies, advisory firms, private sector enterprises and regulatory entities.

MoF program offers dual degree programs with HEC Paris, Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley and Columbia University. Students will have the opportunity to study for dual degrees.

Program Characteristics

  • Our faculty members include leaders from academia and finance

    Our faculty members include leaders from academia and finance. These include faculty from the SEM Tsinghua University, and professors from universities in the United States and Hong Kong. One third of the courses are taught by financial industry leaders from excellent domestic investment banks, commercial banks, PE and VC firms, and financial regulatory institutions.

  • Leveraging academia and financial markets

    The SEM arranges an academic advisor and an industry instructor from the financial industry for each student. Academic advisors provide guidance and an academic perspective for the duration of the program. The industry instructor seeks to bridge the gap between education and the industry, and addresses concerns including internship and employment while serving as a mentor.

  • Global vision and individual insight

    MoF program currently has three dual degree programs cooperated in conjunction with HEC Paris, the Hass School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley and Columbia University, and participates in over 100 SEM exchange programs with overseas universities.Our program emphasizes education specific to the needs of each student: we have an international class for students interested in working for transnational corporations and international investment, and concentrations in financial engineering, entrepreneurship and corporate finance for innovation and entrepreneurship in buyer-side financial institutions, and insurance and big data finance.

In Their Words